Calibration Centre LAT 134

Calibration Centre

The Metrology Laboratory of Bilanciai Porro srl is a structure created within the parent organization to manage independently, impartially and with reserved the activities related to metrological aspects of weighing.

The calibration/certification of mass and weighing instruments is carried out since 2001, following LAT accreditation No. 134 (previously known as SIT 134), granted by ACCREDIA in implementation of law No. 273/1991 which established the Italian National Calibration System (SNT).

The accreditation body, working in the fields of measurements and within the uncertainties stated, ensures:

-maintaining the traceability of the equipment used by the Centre to national standards of units of the International System of Units (IS); 

-the correctness of the procedures of metrology measurements adopted by the Centre. 

The quality system of Central LAT N° 134 complies with:

The Calibration Centre LAT 134 is a real highlight of Bilanciai Porro srl, being among the very few laboratories in Italy to perform accredited calibrations:

  • Mass standards up to 2000 kg
  • Instruments up to 100,000 kg

Below are some documents related to the services of calibration / certification of mass standards and weighing instruments under the accreditation.

Center LAT 134


Declaration of conformity of the SQ to the UNI EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 issued by the Accreditation Body ACCREDIA, currently valid

Table of Accreditation


Table of accreditation of Metrology Laboratory LAT Centre n ° 134

Communication of SIT / ACCREDIA


Communication of the Department Calibration of ACCREDIA on the termination of the trademark SIT



Model Certificate of Calibration issued by ACCREDIA Center for magnitudes of mass



Model Certificate of Calibration issued by ACCREDIA Center for weighing instruments



International Vocabulary of Metrology

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