Periodic checks


This is a work process of a metric / legal nature performed on weighing instruments approved and used in trade relations with third parties.

Starting from 2003, the Ministerial Decree 182 of 28/03/2000 in implementation of Law No. 77 of 03.25.1997 amended and introduced new rules in relation to periodic verification of measuring instruments already provided by the existing Metric Regulation.

This decree applies to all users of weighing instruments in the relationship with third parties; that is, according to Decree No. 517 of 29/12/92: - The scales used for the determination of mass for commercial transactions (Article 2 §a1) or for the calculation of a toll, fee, premium, fine, compensation etc. (§a2); - The scales used for the determination of the mass in the medical practice for the weight of patients for the purposes of diagnosis or treatment control (§a4); - The scales used for the determination of price on the basis of the mass in relation to the packaging of pre-packaging (§ a6).

For the above cases, there is a duty payable by the "Metric User" every THREE YEARS, which can be done by a Metric Officer as in the past or, under the new provisions of the Min. Decree 182 of 28/03/2000, also by an "Accredited Laboratory".

Bilanciai Porro Srl has obtained the accreditation of its Metrology Laboratory for performing periodic testing of mass standards and all weighing instruments with capacity of up to 150,000 kg.

This accreditation allows to extend the range of services offered by our Metrology Laboratory to also include this type of activity - which, we would like to highlight, falls within the scope of BINDING certification (related to the field of Legal Metrology) and is not VOLUNTARY certification (related to field of scientific metrology, such as the certification of quality system according to ISO).

Below are some documents related to the service of periodic verification of weighing instruments:

Document: DET281_1
Edition / date: 2003-05-07
Description / function: Accreditation of Metrology Laboratory for the execution of periodic verification of measuring instruments and mass standards released by the Notified Body N ° 0251 is currently valid.

Document: DM-182
Edition / date: 2000-03-28
Description / function: ITALY'S MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY, TRADE AND CRAFTS DECREE of March 28, 2000, No.182

Regulation amending and supplementing the discipline of periodic verification of metric tools in the field of trade and chambers of commerce.

Document: PG-10
Edition / date: 2003-04-30
Description / function:  Operation flow of execution of the periodic verification of measuring instruments

Document: ALLPG10-01
Edition / date: 2003-04-30
Description / function: Request for periodic verification by the metric user to Metrology Laboratory

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