Counting scales

Extremely precise

Counting scales


The compact solutions for piece counting from Bilanciai Porro are high reliable and allow an intuitive management of the weighing cycle.


As an alternative to all-in-one systems, in this section you can opt for high-precision weighing systems with application PC software (see software section).



COUNTING SCALE SERIES CCS - Counting scale with modular platform of choice

COUNTING SCALE SERIES 675 - Counting scales, compact, robust, programmable

CCS counting system

CCS counting system

Pieces adder and weight memory for batches of equal pieces.


Memory (PLU) for 100 items with additional text.

Stainless steel platform, lacquered steel substructure. Single-point load cell in aluminum IP65.

Large backlit LCD display, digit height 20 mm.

Programmable via the keypad:
• reference number of units required • known reference weight.

On request: Rechargeable battery pack (internal), operating time approx 70 h, charging time approx 14 h.


Reference scale capacity 6kg, div. 0.1 g Minimum weight of the piece 0.1g

Weighting-counting plate dimensions Capacity Capacity
400x300x128mm 30kg 10g
500x400x137mm 60kg 20g
500x400x137mm 150kg 50g
650x500x142mm 150kg 50g

Scale 675

Scale 675

Housing in high-strength aluminum.


Backlit LCD display for high visibility.

Carrying handles.

Optional communication ports: Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus.

Archive of products with average piece weight expandable to 2Mb.

Input port for second platform from the series.

Two serial ports as a standard feature.

Optional battery for 40 hours of continuous operation.

Two serial ports RS232 series can be complemented by two other optional ports (also an RS485 port can be used as a replacement), fully programmable via macroprogramming language.

They can be connected to printers, labelers, remote displays, card readers or PC tags.


As an option you can add two more ports for Scales, for a total of four scales.

Flat size Flat size Flat size
300x300mm 6kg 0,2g
300x300mm 12kg 0,5g
300x300mm 30kg 1g
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