Consulting and design


The critical moment that determine the final satisfaction of the customer is, paradoxically, the selection of the kind of product they need.

In fact, the formulation of an offer is the very meeting place between the customer request and the availability and technical knowledge of the supplier.

The Sales Team of Bilanciai Porro Srl offers support to all customers through to the stage of selection of defining characteristics of the product

Our team with proven experience in the field is available to help customers to define objectives of their purchase:

  • inspections and metric surveys;
  • determining, together with technical departments, the building blocks of the system to be implemented;
  • illustrating the possibilities of product expansion in relation to the type of application required;
  • suggesting alternative and economically viable solutions;
  • free processing of a development / prototype project that is specifically assessed / measured.

At the procedural level, the pre-sales system may conclude - aside from an offer submitted to the customer - also with a technical analysis that defines, in sufficient detail, the operation of the system and its operational characteristics.

This document, if not supplied by the customer himself, may be considered a draft for the Design Qualification (DQ), through can be used, if the proposed offer is successful, to ensure and measure the level of customer satisfaction and our ability to respond effectively to your needs.

In the dedicated Section you can see some customised projects designed specifically for some of our customers: for all applications the consulting phase and preliminary design have proved crucial to meeting the needs of the customer.

The Consulting Service is of course also available for all customers who, having purchased a product of Bilanciai Porro, want change its operation, expand the functions, interface output data, integrate new products, etc.

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