Electronic LPG filling

Gas treatment

Bilanciai Porro srl is an exclusive representative for Italy of SIRAGA (France), the world leader in the production of machines for the processing of compressed and liquefied gases.

Below we present a brief overview of machinery for filling of LPG cylinders, boasting many installations around Italy already able to demonstrate the quality and reliability of the product.


Among the products installed:

  • Electronic filling carousel
  • Cylinder rotation systems for the alignment of the taps
  • Tabulation positions for insertion / reading of tare
  • Pneumatic entry systems
  • Filling scales with load cells or mass cells (DME ready)
  • Electronic control scales
  • Weight adjustment, on-site or online
  • Infrared electronic leak detectors
  • Electronic palletizers

The proposed solutions are flexible and able to meet all production requirements: from a small filling centre to a large fully automated plant

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