Company Bilanciai Porro srl is on the market as a protagonist in the sector of industrial weighing instruments, working in order to achieve and improve the following objectives:

  • continuous and dynamic improvement of the Management System for Quality;
  • consolidation of its market position and the search for new customers, and meeting their needs in terms of quality and product performance / service;
  • strengthening its image built over the years in areas covered by the articles of association: MARKETING, DESIGN, PRODUCTION AND SERVICING OF INDUSTRIAL WEIGHING SYSTEMS;
  • customer satisfaction after each job and regular follow-ups in order to get feedback that can guide the corporate policies in the short and medium term;
  • constant research and proposal of products and services that are innovative both from a technological standpoint and from the point of view of management, while maintaining the levels of reliability that have always defined the work of the company;
  • continuous technical training for our specialized staff, aimed on the one hand to offer greater quality than then competition, and on the other to open new paths of expansion - both in terms of core and ancillary business.


To achieve its objectives, Bilanciai Porro srl is committed to:

  • invest in the professionalism of its human resources, briefing and training their staff periodically;
  • invest in technological innovation of the product, adapting its production facilities and encouraging the implementation of customized, customer-oriented solutions;
  • invest in adequate and secure technology, in accordance with the quality of work
  • invest in information, whether through traditional channels (magazines, catalogs, brochures, etc ...), or through new-generation forms of advertising (web banners, email newsletters, gadgets etc ...);
  • improve and expand the range of commercial and after-sales service in order to support the customer from initial selection and all the way to ordinary and extraordinary management tools;
  • strengthen and spread the culture of metrology through the dissemination of measurement standards relating to national standards of the International System of Units (ISU) and through the ability to customized training;
  • keep the company in an ideal economic balance through effective "cost / income" management and a steady control of the market and competition (benchmarking analysis);
  • maintain and foster a favourable working climate based on communication and horizontal transmission of experience / knowledge. The staff of Bilanciai Porro Srl is responsible for their work and, with full satisfaction, contributes to the creation of VALUE according to the strategies and timelines defined by the Management.


Bilanciai Porro s.r.l.
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