On-site support


The Technical Services of Bilanciai Porro Srl is normally able to manage work requests of its customers within 48 hours after reporting the problem.


Six teams of qualified engineers are ready to intervene in case of emergency situations; the situations that may generate production halts get priority in order to minimize the direct and indirect economic damages.

For a quick and above all effective operation we need you to provide some information to our engineers both on the instrument and on the type of failure / defect.


To do this, we you can contact the Secretary   or send an e-mail or a fax using the form below.


Training and Safety

All the technical personnel of Bilanciai Porro Srl was trained to work on the sites of customers, depending on the specific field of application. In particular, the Management invests a lot of resources on the preparation of the technical staff and training / information of the technical teams designated to work in harsh environments (such as confined spaces or explosive atmospheres). The individual equipment (PPE, technical equipment, transport etc ...) of our engineers take into account the specific risks of the work to be performed at the customer's site, to ensure work is performed in a workmanlike manner and in complete safety.


Parts and accessories

Bilanciai Porro Srl has a well-stock inventory of spare parts and accessories and constantly updates it, so as to meet the demands for large supplies.

Even for instruments that might be outdated or obsolete from the technological point of view, our warehouse keeps a small amount of construction details and wear materials that are especially valuable to customers who, not wishing to replace their tools still wish to restore functionality. Also, for the cases where the components are hard to find or uneconomic, the Technical Division of Bilanciai Porro srl has developed compatible solutions that ensure continuity of the installations, including older machinery.


Repair and overhaul

Company engineers of Bilanciai Porro are trained and qualified for the repair and overhaul of all weighing instruments, also those of other manufacturers. The work is performed in our workshops and always after issuing a cost estimate. The repair is subject to a six months' guarantee; whereas overhaul of an instrument comes with a guarantee for a period equal to that of a new instrument

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