Calibration and certification of scales


Equipped with highly professional and capable team , Bilanciai Porro specializes in the sale of weighing systems for large volumes. Headquartered in Paderno Dugnano, near Milan, the company also takes care of maintenance and calibration of scales.


Calibrations of scales

Spread across various sectors, from trade to cooking, from pharmacy to teaching, mechanical scales proposed by Bilanciai Porro are characterized by ease of use and high precision of weighing. To allow customers to have more reliable weighing systems, the company and the Metrology Laboratory "SBM" manage a plan for periodic scheduled according to the needs and availability of the customers. After the signing of annual service contract, we can establish, very much in advance, the dates for calibrations of scales and maintenance of weighing systems , with the convenience of not having to request the assistance of the company each time.



Calibration refers to three types of action:

  • by comparison: calibrating and sample measure the same size, the result provides the level of precision by calibrating to the model;
  • by substitution: in this case the sample generates the magnitude to be subjected to weighing. The accuracy of calibrating is measured by the ratio between the nominal value of the magnitude and the results of the weighing;
  • Direct: This method requires that the calibrating stems from the measured sample. Its accuracy is determined by the ratio of its nominal value and weighing of sample.
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