Development and design of integrated weighing systems


Integrated industrial weighing systems are used in all those areas that handle large loads, both solid and liquid. Bilanciai Porro, based in Paderno Dugnano in the province of Milan, offers to customers its expertise and experience with a range of services including the design, construction and installation of scales.


Operation of integrated systems

Embedded systems for industrial weighing serve a variety of functions, including:

  • inventory management;
  • storage of weight data;
  • formulation and dosage calculations.

This evolution has been possible thanks to the introduction of increasingly sophisticated software and advanced digital systems with intuitive interfaces, variable according to application areas. Bilanciai Porro provides, for example, a software for weight indicators to be used for the control of the inputs and outputs of vehicles, also with trailers, which can be weighed with subsequent printing of relative data.


Benefits of integration

This ability to perform multiple tasks with a single weighing instrument has several advantages, the first and foremost among them being an immediate lowering of costs resulting from the simplification of the installation processes. Installation of modern software systems has significantly decreased the number of errors in data detection and transmission, while also optimizing the working times.

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